1. Do not use any sharp instrument to open the package.
2. Pick a nice place to setup your ZiggyShade.
3. Check for the wind direction.
4. Open with your back to the wind and lay flat.
5. Fill the sandbags completely as much as possible.
6. Pull corners out to an “x” formation.
7. Make sure the fabric is completely stretched out.
8. Now to assemble the support poles.
9. Prop the shade poles up so the opening faces the wind.
10. Do not try embedding the pole in the sand the pole is meant only to raise the shade covering.
11. Place the pole at the edge of the fabric and tie it down.
12. After placing the poles, make sure the bags aren’t sliding towards the sunshade…if they are, they’re not heavy enough. Add sand around the full bag.
13. You can also slightly tilt the poles to brace the wind.
14. use the pole bags to wrap around the top of the poles! This can create extra stability for your ZiggyShade.
15. We recommend using additional protection against the sun!

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  • Ellie Ziegler
    June 4, 2019 9:08 pm

    We used our ZiggyShade for the first time and loved how easy it was to set up on the beach. The customer service is very responsive and helpful I loved the tutorial video that explains how to fill the sand bags!

  • Thanks for share this article it is very helpful to me.

    King regards,
    Balle Cannon

  • Have ZiggyShade for 2 1/2 years not used much bc of Covid however noticed that shade thins out over time making the UV protection less effective.


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