Lightweight, simple and versatile UPF50+ beach sunshade

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Sun protection

ZiggyShade is made from UPF50+ material, tested and certified to Australian government standards.


Quick and easy setup

ZiggyShade can be set up by one person in less than five minutes. Check out our instruction video.

Sandbag anchors

Sandbag anchors make the ZiggyShade easy to set up, sturdy, and easy to adjust for the direction of the sun.


Strong and elastic

Made from lycra, just like your swimming costume, ZiggyShade is strong and stretchy.


Stable in the breeze

The ZiggyShade can still be used on a breezy day, and is designed to allow the wind to flow through to keep you cool. Just be sure to follow the setup instructions closely!


Adjustable shade

As the sun moves throughout the day, simply move your sandbag anchors to a different spot, or adjust the position of the poles.

Light and easy to carry

The ZiggyShade weighs between 2 to 2.5kg, and comes with it’s own carry bag, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Four corner pegs

If you don’t have anything to fill your sandbags with, ZiggyShade comes with four free pegs, making it perfect for grass and other soft surfaces.



Ziggy 4 Poles


Camp Hammock

Hammock Tarp



  • Remove your ZiggyShade from the bag and spread it out on the ground.
  • Fill the sandbags with as much sand as possible and pull the drawstring closed.
  • Drag the sandbags outwards, fully stretching the ZiggyShade out as you go.
  • Connect the supporting poles together.
  • Scoop the poles under the ZiggyShade and plant into the sand, creating your desired shade. The soft round end goes into the material. For maximum shade and stability in the wind, put the poles as close to the corner as possible. Remember, if it’s windy, you should position your ZiggyShade facing into the wind, so that it is blowing into the opening of your ZiggyShade. You can also place the poles on a slight angle into the wind. *Also, you can wrap the pole ‘sleeves’ around the top, where the ball is placed under the fabric. This’ll help you keep track of them, and prevent the poles from falling. 
  • Relax in the shade!


ZiggyShade is a lightweight, simple and versatile UPF50+ beach tent, created to protect you and your family from the sun. ZiggyShade was developed by a couple of beach lovers from Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia. Designed for the famous Australian outdoor lifestyle, ZiggyShade is suitable for the beach, picnics in the park, camping, the sidelines at your kids’ sports games, or the backyard. Superior to your standard beach umbrella or cabana style beach tent, ZiggyShade has many benefits.



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